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Meeting note (lost the notebook for a few days)

11/20/11 – just like the title says:

Attendees: Darth Integral (N00b to us), Ben, Hugh, Nick, FF, JT, dh, SC, CR, Tom, newest Michael.

St. Patty Day Parade – 50th year, 3/17 Sat. application in the works, ZOO is heading that up, tons in the works but known to date is CO movie Cars, RMFF float (Skiff), RL & 501st if they want to join in. Asking WOTR if they would like to join us and looking into guest stars to maybe ride in movie cars, all to be determined. ZOO was not present so further talk was tabled.

Parade Float – dh needs make a thread so he can update it w/ build dates, material list, etc. The shopping list is as follows for now, 6 sheets of OBS, 40′ black float fringe, 10 – 8′ 2X2, 20 – 8′ 2X4, 6 – 1/4″ 4X8 Masonite/hardboard. Paint colors/scheme Gold/Bronze shades, black, silver, Gray. total estimated cost is $300.
p.s. Dan (Jomamma) said he could go pick items up found on Craig’s list or Free Cycle if people want to start looking but he wasn’t there so further talk or planning was tabled.

Dec Meeting – JT & FF graciously agreed to hold it this year. See Thread, but a quick run down is, breakfast potluck, White Bantha Gift exchange, please note I didn’t say White Elephant, $10 capped value. That doesn’t mean you have to go buy something, it can be a re-gift but not very often to we give a box of diapers or something you have no use for, just saying.

GalaxyFest 2012 – we have tables, we will staff said table w/ RL and no further word has been said by the Con members, so it was tabled.

Starfest – weekend of 4/16/12 same hotel Marriott, too soon for info from them or table talk, so it was tabled but I’m sure we will do that again. Group costume ideas, tabled.

Denver Comic Con – June 16th weekend announcing celebs next week (so we should be in the know now….) hotel rooms available, so get them while they are hot, 20% off weekend passes, get them while they are hot. We have a table, so it will need to be staffed, more to come. Tons of RMFF members are involved in making this a great Con, so I’m sure any questions about it will get answered on these boards.

Art Department – tabled no art monkey , t-shirts?????

WOTR Haunting at the Hanger – 1,100 people, biggest day they have ever had. We rocked it! Next year looks like it will only get bigger, so be prepared. We want to do another movie night, maybe Jan meeting??? Hugh ask that we don’t do that MLK weekend.

Charity events????? We didn’t do anything for UP this year and we were going to do a toy drive and that didn’t happen. We don’t have a large treasury pot to donate, all funds seem to be called for and we may even be short then.

Fund Raising? Need to work on the website and set up items to sell, water bottles, extra t-shirts, NEW t-shirts, magnets, stickers and what ever else we think of. (Webmaster…..)

Elections – see thread but nominations are up now, we turn in our votes to Ben(Grimby) by PM or at the meeting, results will be at the xmas party w/ new council to be active for Jan meeting.

Board move – it will happen! We can’t get new peeps right now because passwords can’t be sent, so don’t lose yours.

Networking – So we need another way to get new peeps, we have FB but we can direct people to our website also. With that being said we need better updating on all fronts. Meet Up website was brought up, but it cost money, do we want to go that route? We just paid for new business cards that sends people to our message boards & website, only 1/2 of that information is valid now….. What to do, what to do.

Raffle was held, we made $20

We left & went to D&B

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