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New member introduction if applicable

Starfest: 4/20 – 4/22, Marriott hotel, we will staff a Fan Table and invite the RL again. MAW auction, see below. We can talk about it on the boards, we should throw lots of ideas out there & see which gets the biggest response.

Should we start thinking about the Make a Wish Auction? MAW auction, CYR to donate t-shirts to make a comforter or throw blanket, S__C to make it or have a sweat shop if people are interested in helping. Wouldn’t hurt to start putting feelers out there on other items we can get to make 2012 an epic year.

Denver Comic Con – Any Updates? New guest, still can get 20% discounted tickets, see thread for further info.

Joint Ops sign/banner for events with 501/RL/501st. Bill suggested, cost would be minimal. It would have been perfect for the Arvada and Golden Parade. Everyone says yes!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade, March 17, 2012: Any Updates since last month? Nope! Well yeah, dh NEEDs to start a thread for the build, shouldn’t be too massive and might have smaller crews (don’t need tires to get holes in them again).

Application in the works, ZOO is POC, so far we have; Asking WOTR if they would like to join us and looking into guest stars to maybe ride in movie cars, all to be determined. Have we extended an invite to the RL / 501? Tabled. POC not there

Next WOTR Open Cockpit is Jan 14. Any other WOTR updates? n/a

Kevin J Anderson book signing event. Lone Tree: January __3__, requesting costumers. Zoo will be the POC. NOT A SW BOOK but they want SW peeps, tons of Pilots if possible.

Fund Raising? Need to work on the website and set up items to sell, water bottles, extra t-shirts, NEW t-shirts, magnets, stickers and what ever else we think of. Any other ideas? Huge talk about can we put SW icons on water bottles or stickers, shirts etc. Talk about orders take 6 weeks etc. and around & around it went. Nothing firm was decided, how about we get some stuff up there and see what happens?

Float construction time line: The shopping list is as follows for now, 6 sheets of OBS, 40′ black float fringe, 10 – 8′ 2X2, 20 – 8′ 2X4, 6 – 1/4″ 4X8 Masonite/hardboard. Paint colors/scheme Gold/Bronze shades, black, silver, Gray. total estimated cost is $300. See above for discussion.

Episode I in 3D. What will we do and where will we do it?
YES! nnay is POC

GalaxyFest 2012we have tables, we will staff said table w/ RL, great guests, it’s for charity, everyone should go!

Business cards: Do we need new ones? NO

Charities discussion, or should this wait until January? ???? Don’t remember this one coming up, we should try to do a few next year.

A little Rancor poking: $415.46, raised $28 at the nonraffle new total of $443.46. Still need to purchase brick for Tim and purchase supplies for float

Election resultsCYR = CR, Lego = Co CR, jt = Sec, dh = $, Ben = Web and Becca is WOTR liaison.
Let the fun begin ? And it was!

No January meeting was scheduled. (yet)

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