Building a float

Mel, Kim, Chris, Jason, Joe, Ben, Becca, Ian, Hugh, Dan, Dan’s brother, Anita, Dave, Jeff, Jonathan, Amy, Shane and Courtney.
Episode I – 3D event – Continental Theatre – rundown – donations etc.
Made over $160. Good feedback from Brad. Mel will give Brad a card as thanks from all of us.

GalaxyFest 2012 – Next weekend. Any Updates?
Have table, sharing with Rebel Legion. Tentative people going: Ben, Jason, Becca, Kim, Jeff, Anita, Ian, Amy.
Starfest: Panel Friday night at 9 – Backstroke of the West. Possible float construction panel; will think about it.


Denver Comic Con in June: One more guest announcement next week.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade, March 17, 2012:
All registrations done. Thanks to Zoo for reg. fee. Float – framed this week. Skinned next week. Painting week after. Will post schedule for future float building.

Photos of the build today on Faceborg.

In the entry: Colo. Movie cars – 15 cars. 501st RL, and Kilted troopers in same entry. May be considered “unofficial event” for mandos who don’t have armor quite done. (5 official +5 unofficial mercs).
Please carpool, possible carpool starting point of WOTR; Becca will check and let us know. Not much room for stowing costume tubs on float, so please plan on costuming up before had, if possible.
No stopping during the parade for photos.
Perhaps someone could contact Stacy and see if he’s interested in being Vader again?


Building a quilt.

ROTJ film screening at Rialto theater in Loveland: Sunday, March 18th. Showings at 2 and 7 pm. The March meeting will be at 5 PM at the Sports Station American Grill down the street:
Possible carpool? Official 501st event – RMFF invited.
“May the Fourth Be With You” event at WOTR:
WOTR has hired PR company. No details yet. Zoo is working on event; she’d point of contact. Would like to use theater for showing of some kind.


RMFF Garage Sale: When/Where? Hopefully Obi_Wannabe will be okay with us using his garage/community garage sale. Is that okay, O_W?


March Meeting: March meeting will be at the Sports Station restaurant in Loveland between ROTJ showings at 5 PM. Sports Station American Grill: 409 N Railroad Avenue, Loveland, CO – (970) 461-8825.



A little Rancor poking (treasury update):
+$24 from last month’s raffle

Minus ~$275 for supplies. Should have enough for float build.

Moving forward with Tim memorial brick ($100). Zoo and Anita will determine wording and will purchase.


Art Department update?
No update. New shirt by Starfest still a possibility.


Other business:
-Mini golf holes are at Dan’s garage. We plan to use it at May the Fourth event.

– Lego has been contacted about a Bike Denver fundraiser on 5/17, evening event, inside. Theme – Nerds/Jocks. Want RMFF presence at event. Go to event in costume. Extend invitation to 501st and RL, mercs. Lego will follow up with additional details as they are available.

-Per Grimby, Boards are moving in 3-4 weeks. Boards will be down for about 2 weeks. A temporary board will be up, but the existing RMFF board will be inaccessible. For new boards, you’ll have to reset password, not re-register existing user name. FB integration planned for new boards.


Adjourn for more physical labor!

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