Attendees – Ian, jthornto, FanForced, nerfherders, Grimby, QHM, Stephanie (new member!), darthhair, Hugh, cyodarun, Sith__Chick, nnaydolem, archaicrebel, Obi-Wannabe, Amy (SWSNBMOTB) and little Wannabe (Emily), dude who showed up late (sorry I didn’t get your name)

  • Board update – Boards still down, waiting for database to be fixed, Ben has no clue for timeline on new board implementation as he’s waiting on other people for database stuff, more details next month.  Grimby reminded us about the temp boards and that you can log-in via Facebook, which makes it so easy, so go do it and post!
  • R2-KT auction at Starfest – $2,500 raised for auction
  • Denver Comic Con  – Hyatt hotel full, Hilton Garden available, 3-day and single tix on sale (codes: RMFF2011 for 20% off), moved con to 100,000 sq. ft. space.

-There will be a Star Wars area upstairs and near the entrance and all groups will be there.  Each group will have multiple spaces.  Each space will be 6 feet wide and 10 feet deep with a table.  RMFF will have 3 spaces with the Jabba toss, photo stand, and usual props on table.  Feel free to bring other stuff to make the table look cool!  The float will not be at the con.

-We’ll need to staff the tables from 6-10 on Friday, Saturday 10 – 6, Sunday 10-5, so cyodarun will work on a schedule.

-Thursday night event before con there will be a special event at Mile Hi Comics’ Jason St. warehouse.  Any other questions, contact Obi-Wannabe.

  • WOTR debrief – May the 4th event – 2,500 people, largest day for museum, huge success for event.

-For next year  we’ll work on more line organization, pre-sale tix, appt. times for X-Wing photos, etc.  Mercs will take over shooting range for 2013.  It will be an all day event since May 4, 2013 will be a Saturday.

-We’ll start plans for WOTR Halloween event for this year.

  • Garage sale – Will be at Skywalker Ranch/Thornton’s house around the end of June. Day TBD.  Please bring stuff to June meeting at Denver Comic-Con, if you can.  We’ll have water/soda/bake sale.
  • Arvada Harvest Parade invite – Kim is point of contact, will happen September 8th, will get more info for next meeting.
  • Joint ops reminders – please be appropriate at all public events, professional conduct at all times in public
  • Celebration 6 planning – Attendees: Jason (nerfherders), Chris (Mrs. nerfherders), Ben (Grimby), Jeff & Kim (sith couple), Mel (cyodarun), Hugh, Melody (nnaydolem), Jonathan (jthornto), Shane (Bfett88); we’re all staying at Rosen Plaza.  Any other details/coordination?
  • Denver County Fair in August – They will be having a Geek Pavilion and we’re invited, however we won’t be participating/have a table due to timing with C6 and heat during the event.
  • RMFF/Kim made quilts – one for R2-KT auction, one was presented to Mel
  • Fund-raising ideas – look into making pins, geek card, and possibly new RMFF logoed shirt (Mel will contact Cory)
  • Art department update – Cory is awesome and still willing to be art monkey from CA., new banner on Facebook page (where most of the action happens nowadays since the boards are down)
  • Rancor poking – same amount as last month, plus a few bucks from this month’s raffle.
  • June meeting Sunday at Comic-Con (June 17th, time TBD)
  • July BBQ – Dan/Jomama’s house, July 21st at 2 pm

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