The June 2012 meeting was June 17 at 1 PM at the Denver Comic-Con.

Attendees include: Jonathan, Ian, Melody, Kim, Dan, Mel, Hugh, Lynelle, Anita, Emily (Dan’s sister), Linda, Jason, Zoo, and the late arriving Courtney.

  • The July BBQ will be 7/21 at 2 pm – meat provided, bring sides
  • Arvada harvest festival parade – 9/8 – don’t know if we can have float, Kim has contacted them, but there are no details yet
  • Garage sale – The garage sale has been rescheduled for the last weekend of July.  Please bring any donations to the July BBQ.  Proceeds will go into the RMFF coffers.
  • Art update: Cory’s ex boss Ray has the basic RMFF logo that can be used for shirts in the future.  Mel has his contact info and we can print future shirts with the basic logo.  Is there interest in doing this?  X-Wing project art is pretty much done and Zoo will post it on FB and will make shirts.
  • Open cockpit –  July 14th at Wings Over the Rockies
  • Board update – IGN is working on boards, no time frame yet, still “close.”  Ben would love it if you frequently ask him “What’s up with the boards?”  In the meantime, there are temporary boards here and you can like the RMFF Facebook page here.  We will let everybody know when the new boards are ready.
  • Treasury – $9 more than last month (approximately $130?)  No raffle this month.
  • C6 – Lynelle can transport stuff, let her know sizes of boxes, leaving 8/17 – everything Tuesday before.  Everybody except Bfett88 will be at the Rosen Plaza.  Coordination is basically happening in a group PM over on Facebook.  If you’re going and not in the FB group PM, contact Jonathan and he can help you out.
  • The Mountain Base Garrison of the Rebel Legion has “challenge coins” for sale.  Contact Shana Farris and/or Zoo for ordering information.
  • At the con, Jonathan met one of the artists in Artist Alley who lives in Wyoming and was interested in being a part of the group and contributing his artistic skills to the group.  His name is John Eaves and his blog can be found here.  Jonathan will email him a link to the Facebook group page and the home page of our group.
  • And last, but not least, cyodarun/Mel will be stepping down as CR as of July 1st.  She will be becoming Co-CR with Dave (Lego) who is our current Co-CR.    We wish Mel and Dave good luck!

Part of the RMFF who showed up for the meeting. Many others were there volunteering and staffing the con!

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