July 2012 notes

Attendees – Ben, Michael Nestelhut, Hugh, Melody, Dave, Jeff, Linda, Kim, Anita, Amy, Michael, Emily, Amanda, Austin, Alison (daughter), Jason, Tom, Dan, Emily M, Courtney, Shane, Abby, Mackenzie, Grant Middleton, Jeffrey & Erica, Floyd Salazar, Alex G & Bonnie, David, Rob S, Nigel, Becca

RMFF T-shirts

    -Cory is designing a new shirt!  No designs to share yet, though.

-We’re going to try and gauge interest via a poll on the temporary boards.  Dave, when he gets around to it, since he’s not busy or anything since he’s on summer vacation, will post the poll.

-Hopefully this will also encourage people to register on the temporary boards, if they haven’t already.

Garage sale – Saturday, July 28th 8 am at Jonathan & Linda’s house.  Details are here

    -Will accept donations, food and drink for sale the day of the event.

-Courtney will be bringing brownies.

-Money to go into the treasury for future RMFF needs.  Leftover items will either be donated to a local charity or sold on eBay, depending on their worth.

-JT will make lunch!

Arvada Harvest Parade – Sept 8

    -We’ll be participating

-Kim relayed from the parade committee that, “we were a hit!” Arvada wants us back!

-Float will be there.

-Jeff will start RL thread and contact 501st leadership about thread.

David Scott event idea: Pinewood Derby

    -There is a thought to build a pinewood derby downhill track and make some pinewood derby cars.  For those who don’t know what this is, here is the official web site and a virtual simulation of building the cars out of a block of wood.

-We would have sci-fi theme vehicles and we could buy 10 car kits for $30.

-We would build some cars ourselves and then bring the track and the cars to conventions for racing…you know, for kids!

-Another follow-up idea would be to put signage up where the car kits are sold that they can buy the cars, build them and come race them at cons.  The track (and possibly the cars) could be housed at Wings Over the Rockies museum.

-The Denver Scout shop in Lakewood has car kits available for $4 or you can buy them online starting at $3 each.

-Perhaps this would be a good idea for this year as we aren’t building a float and will have money in our treasury from raffles and the garage sale.


Kim’s wicked cool fire fundraising idea

-Kim would like to plan an event in October/November possibly at Wings or Cinebarre that would be a silent auction with activity stations like May the Fourth to raise funds for charities that have helped after all the wildfires in Colorado.

    -We would  invite celebrities and perhaps partner with a Colorado cahritable organization to make it happen.  We would sell tickets for activities and accept donations.

    -Kim would follow up by contacting an organization to see about the feasibility of this idea.

Becca’s Aurora Massacre fundraiser idea

-Becca and Anita would like to raise money after the Aurora movie shooting.  The idea is to accept extra costume/accessory donations and then to sell them via Etsy.

    -Anita and Becca will accept donations at the August meeting and take photos for posting on Etsy.  The donations would go towards GivingFirst.org, or another charitable organization affiliated with this cause.

Treasury update

-Jeff says we have same as last month, but we sold lots of raffle tickets this month, so the updated total is…

    -We now have $176.97.


Board update

    -Stuff was messed up in migration, posts are missing/ truncated to 10,000 characters, but being found.

    -They are working on finding them, but may go live and then find additional posts.

    -The new boards will go live “soonish,” but, via Ben, we will probably have the new boards in place by Celebration 6 (August 23 – 26).

Other announcements

-Thanks from Denver Comic Con to RMFF for volunteering, SW wall, staffing!  DCC 2012 May 30th weekend with Stan Lee.

-Starfest will have Samuel L Jackson in 2013.

-The 501st and Rebel Legion have created 200 patches for donations to red cross and united way.  Contact Hugh Coffman for more information on purchasing one of these patches.

-RMFF is always invited to RL events – The next event is bowling on August.  Contact Hugh Coffman for details.

-Celebration 6 – Ben is encouraging people to go to TFN party and if you ask nicely he may hook you up with a drink ticket.  Any additional C6 travel or convention coordination?

-Kim has a group photo.  Can you send that to me so I can put it in here?

Next meeting: August 11th, 2 PM, usual Village Inn off I-25 and Colorado.

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