November 2012 meeting notes

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Nov 202012

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-Happy Life Day!

-Parade of Lights update?  Kim was not in the backyard at the time.

-Post-a-palooza is going down.  Go post on the boards and get an entry in the raffle to be held on  December 1st!

-New Year’s Eve party at Sith Central.  Still happening??  DH not sure.

-2013 St. Patrick’s Day float – We’ll use the skiff as our float again and those who need a spot on it if they can’t walk should be able to hop on.

-Pinewood Derby – Will be worked on next year.

-Council nominations – finalized, check out the boards for the ballot and send your vote via PM to Grimby

– We’re planning a group movie showing of The Hobbit on Saturday, December 22nd at The Continental theater.  Time TBD.

-Empire Uncut filming was a success!  Editing is happening and ILM is working on effects. 😉

-December meeting – Newman’s house up North on 12/15 at 2 PM.


Thanks for hosting Rogers’ and happy birthday to Mackenzie!

October 2012 notes

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Oct 222012

Attendees: Nick, Zoo, Kim, Terry, Dale, Linda, Ben, Amy, Michael, Emily, Dave, Jonathan


Hauntings at the Hanger – 10/28

-Spent ~$112 on giveaways.  Jeff ate all the candy Kim purchased.

-Set up starts at 8.  Jabba toss, photostand, mini-golf and table.  Kim is making a spreadsheet for people’s shifts.  Breakdown of positions: 2 at mini golf, 1 at Jabba toss, 0 or 1 at Han Solo in Carbonite photo stand, X-Wing will be staffed by RL and 501st with one photo taker, 2 to 6 at the RMFF table, 1 or 2 handlers/floaters.  Please post in thread if you’re coming to the event:

-Everybody please bring 1-2 bags of candy.  Beads in bags will be available to giveaway to older kids.

-We’ll have tablecloths and other giveaways at the table.  Maps of the event will be available at all tables.

-Costume parade, 4 food trucks, volunteers buy their own lunch, expecting 2,000-3,000 people.

-Please bring moss for X-Wing’s Dagobah decorations.


X-Wing project Challenge coins

-At least 3 coins will be made – RL coin (in production now), RMFF coin in January/March, 501st coin…eventually

-300 each, $10 each, proceeds to repair X-Wing, still have 125 coins; through end of November

-Board thread:

-Ordering information on Facebook:

-X-Wing project polos in the future


May the 4th, 2013

-Planning starting, museum will pay for pool noodle lightsabers (will automate construction process), craft area

-Bigger (and more powerful) than you could possibly imagine!


Denver Comic con – May 31 – June 2, 2013

-bigger hall, will have SW fan table wall again

-someone will be put in charge of fan tables

-asked for suggestions for SW-related guests


MST3K live in theaters – Birdemic! – October 25, 7 PM

-Several of use are going to the showing at Denver Pavilions

-Tickets on sale here:


SW Reads Day wrap up

– Aurora event could have been better, 4 people there;

-DPL event – way bigger than they thought,

-Tattered Cover South event went well; event success was dependent on individual bookstores


Parade of Lights – Kim inquired about our participation


Boards update
-Ben’s having trouble banning people so shenanigans must ensue!;

-need bigger server/two servers



-FanForced has an idea on how to bump up post counts and get more people to post

-We’d donate a prize of about $15 to be raffled off

-Rules:  one post is an entry, RMFF only people

-Contest is from November 1 – 30

-At the end of November 30th, the person with the most posts between November 1 and November 30th is the winner.

-Prize will be awarded at the December meeting.


Treasure/booty update – $457.85 ($111.97 spent by Kim on Oriental Trading merchandise for Hauntings at the Hanger)


November meeting: November 17th at 2 PM – Meeting at Shane/Courtney’s new house – event invite to follow
Dave will start a thread of nominations for officer positions in 2013.
Holiday Party
-The Newmans will be hosting the Holiday Party on December 15 at 2 PM.

-Theme is flaming liquids

-White bantha – Lego rules (no live animals) in effect!
Nute Gunray not at this meeting (Listen to the Forcecast at

September 2012 meeting notes

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Sep 172012

Attendees: Jonathan/DieWompRatDie, Ben/Grimby the Hutt, Austin/DarkLord49 +2, Geoffrey/breadnappa, Erica/(Ladyboobs? Looking for a board name), Becca/Sarnia, Amy/SWSNBMOTB, Lynelle/JawaJaka, Linda/FanForced, and newbie Jesse

Item!  Arvada Harvest Parade recap

  • Thanks to those who came out to the parade. ~10 members present.

Item! Our boards are back

  • mobile apps – TapaTalk or ForumRunner (recommended by
  • Alerts like Facebook.  Can mark flags to watch, and you receive a notifications when someone replies.
  • Will auto-navigate you to the newest post since your last log on to that thread.
  • PMs are now called conversations, and you can add up to 5 people in one private message conversation
  • More improvements coming, such as new skins for forums

Item! Wings Over the Rockies update/Hauntings at the Hanger

  • Sunday, October 28th, 9:00 am set up, 11:00-4:00 event, tear down afterwards
  • 1,500 attendees last year, expecting 2,000 – 3,000 this year
  • All tables need treats to hand out (plan for 2,000-3,000) and/or  an activity. Bring your own extension cords and gaffers tape.
  • Need a volunteer to be point person for RMFF to coordinate the table, shifts, communications, etc.
  • Board thread:
  • Next event at Wings Over the Rockies is their Annual Museum Gala, Friday, Nov 16

Item! Pinewood Derby Update

  • Death Star trench run theme has been proposed for the track.
  • Looking for donations of little items to attach to the sides to create Death Star surface look, which will be spray-painted gray.
  • You can acquire a car from the Boy Scouts of America store.
  • Target is spring 2013, fully operational for Denver Comic Con
  • More detail from DarthHair once he is fully armed and operational

Item!  DarthHair is recovering from surgery and we signed a Get Well card for him, which is being delivered via mouse droid as we speak

Item! Birthday troop

  • Violet Larson’s 5th Birthday party on Saturday, Sept 22 4:00 – 6:00
  • Centennial park 13133 E. Arapahoe Rd., Centennial, CO 80112
  • Costumes are encouraged to attend.  Invite also went out to 501st and Rebel Legion.

Item! Flag Football National Championships – Sept 20-22

  • Erica to post a thread on the boards
  • More details TBA

Item! Star Wars Reads day – October 6

Item! Treasury – same as last month – $569.82

  • Request for a donation to Susan B. Komen to sponsor a team to walk October 7.  Requesting party (Amy and Michael Newman/Obi_Wannabe) needs to post thread so we can discuss.
  • Still accepting costume donations for Etsy sales.  Donate costumes and/or costume parts to be sold.  QHM and Sarnia accepting those donations.

Item! Empire Uncut –

  • Austin/DArkLord49 is interested in submitting an RMFF clip for the fan-made clip version of ESB.
  • Austin is going to start a thread, pick a few scenes,and we will put it up for vote for filming in November.

Item! Holiday Party

  • The Newmans would like to host the Holiday Party on December 15 at 2 PM.
  • Theme is flaming liquids…

Last Item! Next meeting tentatively set for  Sunday, October 21, 2:00 PM @ usual Village Inn near I-25 and Colorado

Event photos can be found under the section “Recent Posts by Others” on the RMFF Facebook page:  Thanks to FanForced for taking those.

August 2012 meeting notes

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Aug 122012

Attendees:  Dave/Lego, Jason/Nerf, Lynelle, Ben/Grimby, Jeff/DH, Ian, Dale, Jonathan, Linda, Nick, Zoo, Anita/QHM, Michael/Amy/Emily

  • We’ll ask Cory to make a shirt since there was lots of interest.
  • Garage sale was a great success!  We made $400.  Foot traffic was steady.  Will do better posters for next time.
  • Pinewood derby – will work on it after C6.
  • No costume donations for Etsy this meeting, but please bring items next month.  Pieces are awesome, so it doesn’t have to be full costumes.
  • $569.82 currently in treasury.
  • Boards – Ben et al are running out of excuses, long post cutoff problem still existing, will make boards live ASAP (probably after C6), some combining and new labeling will happen to the boards, like on the temporary ones now.
  • WOTR Got Talent Sept 6 – looking for RMFF and other SW group participation; planning for May 4th and Hauntings at Hanger, no Sept Open Cockpit due to conflict with Arvada Parade. Will start legal proceedings to get X-Wing to Denver Comic-Con; new X-Wing web site to go live soon; putting together video to promote X-Wing group
  • September 8th – Arvada Harvest Parade – will post place to meet, will take float, will check with Dan for his truck since Zoo’s won’t be available
  • Star Wars Reads day –  2nd week of October, publishers have gotten together to make this a day to promote reading via Star Wars books, want costumes at libraries & comic book stores – maybe one Denver SW entry, with or without 501st.
  • Komen Walk – first weekend of October – Michael will be the lead
  • Ian working on a blood drive (Bonfils)/movie showing at an AMC.  More details to come.
  • September meeting – maybe movie day at WOTR the weekend of 15/16 – Zoo will check
  • Backup location will be at Skywalker Ranch
Group photo!

July 2012 meeting notes

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Jul 252012

July 2012 notes

Attendees – Ben, Michael Nestelhut, Hugh, Melody, Dave, Jeff, Linda, Kim, Anita, Amy, Michael, Emily, Amanda, Austin, Alison (daughter), Jason, Tom, Dan, Emily M, Courtney, Shane, Abby, Mackenzie, Grant Middleton, Jeffrey & Erica, Floyd Salazar, Alex G & Bonnie, David, Rob S, Nigel, Becca

RMFF T-shirts

    -Cory is designing a new shirt!  No designs to share yet, though.

-We’re going to try and gauge interest via a poll on the temporary boards.  Dave, when he gets around to it, since he’s not busy or anything since he’s on summer vacation, will post the poll.

-Hopefully this will also encourage people to register on the temporary boards, if they haven’t already.

Garage sale – Saturday, July 28th 8 am at Jonathan & Linda’s house.  Details are here

    -Will accept donations, food and drink for sale the day of the event.

-Courtney will be bringing brownies.

-Money to go into the treasury for future RMFF needs.  Leftover items will either be donated to a local charity or sold on eBay, depending on their worth.

-JT will make lunch!

Arvada Harvest Parade – Sept 8

    -We’ll be participating

-Kim relayed from the parade committee that, “we were a hit!” Arvada wants us back!

-Float will be there.

-Jeff will start RL thread and contact 501st leadership about thread.

David Scott event idea: Pinewood Derby

    -There is a thought to build a pinewood derby downhill track and make some pinewood derby cars.  For those who don’t know what this is, here is the official web site and a virtual simulation of building the cars out of a block of wood.

-We would have sci-fi theme vehicles and we could buy 10 car kits for $30.

-We would build some cars ourselves and then bring the track and the cars to conventions for racing…you know, for kids!

-Another follow-up idea would be to put signage up where the car kits are sold that they can buy the cars, build them and come race them at cons.  The track (and possibly the cars) could be housed at Wings Over the Rockies museum.

-The Denver Scout shop in Lakewood has car kits available for $4 or you can buy them online starting at $3 each.

-Perhaps this would be a good idea for this year as we aren’t building a float and will have money in our treasury from raffles and the garage sale.


Kim’s wicked cool fire fundraising idea

-Kim would like to plan an event in October/November possibly at Wings or Cinebarre that would be a silent auction with activity stations like May the Fourth to raise funds for charities that have helped after all the wildfires in Colorado.

    -We would  invite celebrities and perhaps partner with a Colorado cahritable organization to make it happen.  We would sell tickets for activities and accept donations.

    -Kim would follow up by contacting an organization to see about the feasibility of this idea.

Becca’s Aurora Massacre fundraiser idea

-Becca and Anita would like to raise money after the Aurora movie shooting.  The idea is to accept extra costume/accessory donations and then to sell them via Etsy.

    -Anita and Becca will accept donations at the August meeting and take photos for posting on Etsy.  The donations would go towards, or another charitable organization affiliated with this cause.

Treasury update

-Jeff says we have same as last month, but we sold lots of raffle tickets this month, so the updated total is…

    -We now have $176.97.


Board update

    -Stuff was messed up in migration, posts are missing/ truncated to 10,000 characters, but being found.

    -They are working on finding them, but may go live and then find additional posts.

    -The new boards will go live “soonish,” but, via Ben, we will probably have the new boards in place by Celebration 6 (August 23 – 26).

Other announcements

-Thanks from Denver Comic Con to RMFF for volunteering, SW wall, staffing!  DCC 2012 May 30th weekend with Stan Lee.

-Starfest will have Samuel L Jackson in 2013.

-The 501st and Rebel Legion have created 200 patches for donations to red cross and united way.  Contact Hugh Coffman for more information on purchasing one of these patches.

-RMFF is always invited to RL events – The next event is bowling on August.  Contact Hugh Coffman for details.

-Celebration 6 – Ben is encouraging people to go to TFN party and if you ask nicely he may hook you up with a drink ticket.  Any additional C6 travel or convention coordination?

-Kim has a group photo.  Can you send that to me so I can put it in here?

Next meeting: August 11th, 2 PM, usual Village Inn off I-25 and Colorado.

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