Current Flyer and Business Card

2015 TFA Event Flyer

2015 TFA Event Flyer

Flyer created by gra-co_o_hun for the RMFF’s The Force Awakens premiere event.


2015 Flyer

Flyer created by QueenHighMistress.
Black & white version.


2015 Business Card

Originally designed by Grimby, the 2015 version has updated copy by QueenHighMistress and the RMFF Publications Committee.




2008 Flyer

The awesome 2008 flyer created by gra-co_o_hun, used for many years after its creation.


2006 Flyer

2006 flyer created by gra-co_o_hun.


2005 – New Logo

Similar to Nnaydolem’s flyer, but with the new group logo designed by Graco_O_Hun. Copy by Jthornto.


2005 Flyer

This flyer was created by Nnaydolem, intended to be printed in full color, has a simpler message. And a more direct design.


2003 Flyer

This flyer with a new front page by JediPilot, was given out at StarFest 2003.


2002 IMAX Poster

This was a very colorful poster, distributed state-wide, created to promote the IMAX event, under sanction from Lucasfilm. A true collector’s item.


2002 IMAX Flyer

This was created to promote the release of AOTC in IMAX in Colorado Springs, a major event for the RMFF.


2002 Flyer 2

This is a revised version, not specific to an event, with fewer graphics, that was used for about 6 months.


2002 Flyer 1

This was the first official version of the RMFF Flyer, created to promote the events around the opening of Attack of the Clones.


2002 Line Party Flyer

This was the first flyer for the RMFF, created by Chronicle, it was for a line party that didn’t happen, it was never used.

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