Rocky Mountain FanForce Community Handbook

The RMFF is a community filled w/ diversity, not just in the Star Wars arena, but across the board. Our members are involved in Costuming and Props, the full gamut of Gaming, FanFiction, Literature, Graphic Design & Art, Collecting, and general discussions involving the movies themselves.

Our group has the particular distinction of being one of the most active FanForces on the boards. Part of that comes from our use of the boards to conquer the miles that separate us in reality and enable us to communicate daily. Our members are spread across the Rocky Mountain Region, from Pueblo to Laramie, WY and from Gypsum to Aurora.

Another distinctive feature of the RMFF is the biting wit and insane humor (& nature) of our collective members. We create and participate in games, round robins, line by lines and sock wars. Many times these events provide us with a chance to blow off some steam and to enjoy some good-natured ribbing of one another. A related feature of our unique humor is that irony & sarcasm are akin to bread and water for our members (so take what is said in the forums with a great deal of salt).

As a part of our diversity we have several subgroups within the RMFF, they are the following: Casino Malastare – Gaming of all kinds, Imperial Outfitters – Costuming & Props, Obroa-Skai Libraries – Literature and FanFiction, Smuggler’s Alliance – Collecting, and Imperial Graphics–88 – Graphic Design & Art. Please feel free to join in with one of these groups or just participate in the general discussion threads. When you want to start a new thread go for it, however, to avoid redundancy, please try to go through the old threads to make sure that the topic hasn’t already been brought up.

For all new members, please make sure you check in to the Newbie Check-In Area & Intro Thread and also you should make sure that you fill out your profile. Once you become familiar with the group and feel comfortable sharing more information, we have a “Bios for the Website” Thread. This will become part of the member information listed on our website.

We also support our own website through voluntary participation. It contains our important announcements, our history, event information, member information and the subgroup sites as well. Our current webmaster is Jedi_Pilot and he is always looking for volunteers to help run & design the site.

Our FanForce is run by a voluntary group of officers, including our City Representative (who reports directly to the Southwest Regional Support Administrator)(And the other guy), a Co-City Rep, a Secretary/Historian, Treasurer & a Webmaster. Be warned, the CR will be calling on the members and other officers to chip on the planning and execution of any and all events. These are volunteer positions, so try to lend a hand whenever necessary. We hold elections every six months to make sure that everyone is not only happy with the leadership, but that no one gets burnt out being the leader. Those elections are held every March and October at our regular general monthly meeting.

We have one general monthly meeting for the entire RMFF on the third weekend of every month. We will plan out our meeting 2 to 3 months in advance, and the decision for which day will either be made by the person hosting the meeting, or by a vote on the boards 2 weeks before the meeting weekend. If you are coming to your first event or meeting, make sure to check out our photo gallery so that you can spot our members on sight.

Underage Members Policy:

Underage Members – Two kinds, those under 18 & those under 21.

Under 21 – You are responsible for your own actions under the law and as such will also be responsible for your actions as they pertain to RMFF Events/Meetings. Alcohol will not be served to you by any members of our group, however, we are not responsible for anything that may happen should you ingest alcohol at any event, as it is not our intention to provide it to you.

Under 18 – No member of the RMFF will be excluded from a meeting on the basis of age, however there will be restrictions relating to the attendance of events held in private homes.

Private Home Events – A parent or guardian should accompany all minor children at any event held in a private home, regardless of the presence of alcohol. As a concession for this requirement, at least every third month, the monthly general meeting will be held in a public venue.

Public Venue Events – All members, regardless of age, will be welcome at these events. No parental supervision is required, however, no adult member of the RMFF will be legally responsible for any minor age member. Parental presence is encouraged, but will not be a requirement.

Lightsaber Combat – Under no circumstances will any minor be allowed to participate in any of our Lightsaber practices, displays or swordplay, regardless of parental consent or presence. This is not a negotiable item, and it is for the protection of everyone, including the minor.


Alter Ego Weekend – Periodically we hold a weekend where everyone is welcome to make a sock (a false ID) to post with and try to fool the other members. Below are the rules and regulations for this event.

Official Rules and Regulations for the RMFF Alter Ego Weekend Events

Rack your brain and come up w/ a clever name and bio for your new identity. The more work you do on this part of the task, the better your chance is to fool everyone.

Log Off of the FanForce board and then go to Register. Type in your new name and get started filling in that profile.

Wait for the festivities to begin and post away.

LIMITS: Maximum of 2 Alters per Weekend event. More than this causes a problem w/ the JC, so let’s keep them off our backs.

Remember to stay in character the whole time and don’t mix up your ID’s, or you’ll give yourself away.

Before you begin to post w/ your new ID, PM the moderator (PtrsonsZOO), w/ your real identity and your Alter(s).

The Moderator will keep a running list of Alters so that you can use it to make your guesses.

All guesses must be PM’d to the Moderator by no later than 10AM Monday morning, however you can make guesses all weekend. The last PM will be considered the final say.

Shortly after the guessing deadline, the Moderator will post a brief list of the results.

All sock games must follow the RMFF Rules of Sock Behavior found below.

And finally, get creative, get crazy and have a ball cuttin’ loose!!


Sock Invasions – Periodically, we will invade another FanForce City or we will be invaded by another FanForce City. This is a tool to open community relations w/ another city, to enjoy playing a game with one another and to generally have a great time.

All sock games must follow the RMFF Rules of Sock Behavior found below.

RMFF Rules of Sock Behavior

1) No clone socks. We are each capable of getting people upset at us individually and as a group, we do not need someone else to help.

2) Wearing a sock does not absolve one of acting with the proper etiquette and protocol, (Where’s C-3PO when you need him?) Particularly during invasions of other boards. Remember, even as a sock your words reflect on both you and the group.

3) Socks created for guessing games must be revealed at the end of said game. A constantly running game of guess the sock could be established where a sock is used until someone guesses who it is.

4) When creating a sock for a guessing game do not pretend you are a new member of the boards. It may be fun, but if we do get a new person at that time it could chase them off.

5) Invasions – Set up a special thread in each area listing when and what the invasion is at least one week prior. It might seem to defeat the purpose to let the invadee know when and where the invasion is, but it will help the average poster from becoming confused.

6) When invading, do not pirate threads existing prior to the invasion. It may cause some people to miss important information.

7) Keep your posts to the threads set up for the events/invasions. This will keep clutter from the other threads and it will also make sure that information needed is still obtained. We want to help other people, not make their jobs harder.

8) Remember that it is all in good fun, don’t get upset over what another sock says unless it’s really over the top. Don’t use your sock to make personal attacks on anyone else. Also, don’t get onto people whose posts seem like they don’t know what’s going on.


Round Robin & Line By Line Threads – These are threads typically created for the sole purpose of boosting post counts, but they have the added bonus of providing us with some entertainment. A Round Robin is something like Mad Libs, where you are provided with a piece of a story or line from a movie and you must continue with an original post. A Line by Line is the recreation of a work by posting it line by line, with everyone taking turns to post the next line.

We have other games that sometimes just come to us on a whim, like Pants and Polka Dotted or the Member Misinformation Bowl. All in all these games should be related to Star Wars in some shape or form.

RMFF Posting Guidelines:

Grammar Police – Not everyone on the boards uses perfect spelling and grammar, some because their typing is hurried or they’re just not very good at it, and some because they may not have a firm grasp on spelling & grammar for a variety of reasons. So, let’s try to keep the public corrections off of the boards. It’s embarrassing to the corrector & correctee.

SPOILERS – Please try to keep all spoiler posts in a thread is specifically marked for spoilers, which is anything that has to do w/ specific information about a book or the upcoming movie. Please make sure that if you absolutely have to post in a spoiler in a thread other than one that is specifically marked for spoilers that you highlight what you have to say in black, that way it must be highlighted to see it. Please refer to the special codes instructions found in this link.

Sarcasm – It is part of our personality, but in print it can sometimes be hard to tell when it is meant in fun. Please try to end your vitriolous remarks with a marker indicating your intent, ie: /sarcasm, J/K, faces, etc..

Starting Redundant Threads – Please try to go back a few of pages or PM one of the officers to see if this topic is already going on. Many times, you can find an answer to your question in that previous thread, instead of making everyone else do the work for you. Often times, we have all discussed the topic you want to talk about, and end up asking all of the same questions we’ve already answered. So, please do a little research before posting a new question thread.

Flaming/Baiting/Berating Other Posters – Please try to keep things as friendly as possible on the boards. Publically berating someone only makes us all look bad. If you have a problem w/ someone, talk to them first, privately. And if you don’t get a resolution then follow up the chain by going to the CR, then the RSA.

Lexicon of the RMFF – There are many terms and abbreviations and anacronyms that are used on this boarrd. Many are standard among all Star Wars fans, but there are a few that are decidedly RMFF. Click here for clarification, or PM one of the other members and ask. We know how silly we can get, but sometimes forget that other people haven’t been around to know what some things mean.

RMFF Resolutions

We will be deferring to the Terms of Service for the Jedi Council and our RSA VoidDancer for any kind of problems that cannot be handled out in the open on the boards.

All in all, this is what we are about and we look forward to your company in our group. Just jump in, have fun and enjoy all that the RMFF has to offer.

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